The Eidolon +6D - Onslaught cracks a C64 Lucasfilm classic

Now here's a game I remember, 'The Eidolon', one of the strangest Lucasfilms games I think I've ever played in my entire life so far. I had it on the Amstrad and pretty much had no idea what I was doing, just moving through a fractal 3D like realm while collecting things and shooting at dragons. Thus today through a flood of nostalgic memories, Onslaught has cracked the C64 version and released a very handy trainer!

Wiki -
The objective of The Eidolon is to successfully navigate through all of the game's levels, defeating the dragon guardian at the end of each level. The player navigates through each maze and collects energy orbs, which come in four different colors (red, yellow, green and blue). Along the way, various enemies wake up and attack the Eidolon, attempting to absorb its energy. Each enemy is a specific color and can only be destroyed by firing orbs of that color, or by using special abilities. Some enemies also fire orbs at the Eidolon, which can absorb them if set to the same color. Each level contains three diamonds, each guarded by an enemy of a specific color. After defeating each of these enemies and collecting the diamonds, the player can proceed to the dragon that guards the exit. There are eight levels in a game. The game is over when the player has successfully defeated the final dragon or runs out of lives.

Credits :
Trainer .... Pugsy of Onslaught
Original Supply .... Jazzcat of Onslaught, RGCD, Vandalism News Staff
Linking .... Pugsy of Onslaught
Docs .... Pugsy of Onslaught
Test .... Bieno64 of Commodore Plus, Onslaught, Sputnik World
Jazzcat of Onslaught, RGCD, Vandalism News Staff

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