An Amiga suitcase project set to take center stage!

When Sébastien Marchand mentioned he had a very special Amiga to show us, we had no idea what we were in for. Imagine an Amiga 1200 with a Blizzard 1260 + SCSI Kit and Compact Flash 8 GB. That you could carry around in a case and take it anywhere you wanted. You just plug it in and turn it on. No need to plug it into a TV, no need for extra cables hanging around in your friends house as it's all in one special suitcase.

Pretty much the entire suitcase insides have been crafted to precision with wooded inserts and holders to make sure that not only the Amiga fits in, but all the cables underneath including a rather large cumbersome power supply which has been neatly hidden from view.

But not to be outdone with simply putting a computer inside a silver suitcase, but Sébastien has placed a rather impressive Continental Edison 15″ LCD screen & GBS-8200 Video Converter CGA/EGA/YUV/RGB TO VGA to give out a crystal Hires Interlaced clear display for the best of Amiga retro gaming. Furthermore the designer also added two speakers inside as well. Remember though, that he has also built his own parts to contain these devices as to look seamless and to keep it secure.

The near end result is jaw dropping, it's probably the best Amiga mod we have ever seen, especially as it's taken him two weekends to do. Being able to play an original Amiga like this goes beyond many paint jobs and extra external devices such as the gotek. You can even play with the supplied joypads. Certainly a retro computer to show off at gaming conventions or the talk of the town.

The rest of the design photo's can be viewed on his website, which is available HERE


  1. Andrew Fitzgerald23 January 2015 at 13:52

    I love this for many reasons. First its an amazing project without changing original Amiga itself, preserving it for its original glory. Secondly, its just awesome, nice and high spec and so portable to just take anywhere and show off what a great system it was, without messing about with network cabling etc.

    It must be one hell of a box though and heavy too! I'd be tempted to make one myself with an A600. Though I'm sure someone will beat me to it!

    Hats off to this guy :)

  2. You got it spot on! I just find it incredible that some are complaining about us saying "It's the best mod we've seen", I mean seriously. How can you go against someone's opinion like that. I haven't actually seen better than this and I think it's a great idea too. Better than some of the 10 min pink resprays


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