Dragon's Lair Laserdisc appears on the C64

2015 is turning out to be an incredible month for retro systems, as we've had the top quality Castlevania for ZX Spectrum, Dragons Lair Laserdisc on the ZX81 and Earok's Amiga CD32 release of Inherit the Earth. But lets go one step further and mention the latest C64 prototype of Don Bluth's laserdisc version for the C64, announced this week!

Developed by InuYaksa as a port experiment, you'll hopefully be able to play the original laserdisc version later this year but in retrotastic C64 graphical detail. Unlike the ZX81 version though, for this release you'll need a 16MB REU extension: Vice, Chameleon or 1541U. Which I'm sure most of you who are heavily into your C64 will probably have any way.

Will Dirk the Daring be able to rescue the princess from the dragon Singe or will he be chomped up into many pieces by your wrong directional choices? 

Thanks Retro Gaming Mag for the heads up!

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