WinUAE 3.1.0 Beta 8 - Sunday beta for the Amiga emulator

After the previous big beta release, Toni Wilen has now mentioned the latest update of WinUAE 3.1.0 beta 8 for your Amiga and PC enjoyment. Only a week after the previous beta, this version contains even more fixes and improvements such as 53c710 software reset bit emulated and SupraDrive 500XP. Remember if you want the latest and best Amiga to play Amiga games or emulate an Amiga OS on your pc, use either WinUAE or FS-UAE

Beta 8:

- 53c710 software reset bit emulated.
- Cirrus Logic register memory banks should not be marked thread safe.
- Show '?' instead of 'E' in harddrives list if hdf can't be opened because of access fault, for example if it is already open and emulation is running and show '!' if open failed because of write protection.
- Rewritten expansion board rom handling, expansion data is now fully parametrized, autoconfig emulation and config file handling does not need code changes anymore when new board with boot rom is implemented.
- Secondary IDE/SCSI boards temporarily removed.
- Automatically disable 24-bit CPU addressing if selected accelerator board is 32-bit.
- Existing Blizzard 1230IV/1240/1260+SCSI configurations need adjustment. SCSI Kit configuration has changed.
- Do not initialize tablet if tablet options are not enabled.
- 5380/53c80 SCSI chip emulation implemented. Surprisingly basic chip, even Apollo SCSI hardware is more complex, driver needs even more bit-banging than Apollo..
- SupraDrive 500XP (5380) emulation implemented.
- Added GVP G-Force 030 board. Same as GVP A530 but supports more RAM, located at 0x01000000.
- A2620/A2630 accelerator board RAM now adjusts 0x01000000 memory size.
- Fixed GPV Series I autoconfig product id.
- STOP instruction was 2 cycles too fast in 68000 cycle-exact mode.

NOTE: Accelerator board ROM appears also in SCSI/Boot ROM list. It will be removed later.

SupraDrive 500XP:

- v3.8 ROM (AMAB6) added. (Anyone have AMAB5 or older? I'd like to know why older versions have so many compatibility problems with modern drives. A2000 WordSync version also accepted.)
- Uses MOVEP in main data transfer loop. (My crystall ball says WordSync version does not...)
- Usual fake DMA, CPU used to transfer data, hardware automatically handles SCSI data handshake.
- Any CPU access to "fake DMA" address space when SCSI chip is not in DMA mode: access never finishes. This is also emulated, causes halt 6 state.

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