Reality land Dizzy - A Dizzy fan game based on real life!

The newest free Dizzy fan game using the DizzyAge engine to appear is Wayne O`Donnell's 'Reality Land Dizzy'. Starring Dizzy himself in another great Adventure, you are tasked with the solving of puzzles that are rather unusual to say the least. You've got to think as if it was real life and everything you do has a real life impact.

For a Dizzy fan game, Reality land Dizzy is a very good effort by Wayne, especially considering it's his first release. Having to think of how to solve puzzles as if it was real life certainly makes this a unique experience. For example in real life if you felt dizzy, you'd take pills, or if you banged your head you'd probably require attention, thus this is how the game plays out.

Detail wise it certainly has that 8 bit charm but what is lacking is the border, it just doesn't feel dizzy like and would probably be more suited to being an 8bit. Is it worthy of a play through? Yes indeed, just make sure you're wearing clothes or you might get arrested!

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