Commander Genius - Classic DOS based Commander Keen interpretation software

Way back in the early 90's id Software and publishers Apogee Software released Commander Keen for computers that used DOS. It was an incredibly fun platformer using EGA as a pioneer for the graphics at the time and shareware distribution. In Commander Keen you play as Billy Blaze, a young boy who travels through space and assumes the secret identity of "Commander Keen" while fighting the menacing alien race of Vorticons.  An all time classic game, that is even more playable through Commander Genius which is a software piece that interprets the Commander Keen Invasion of the Vorticons and Galaxy series, with many new features and improved game play.

Commander Genius is a mighty piece of software for those of you who still own the game and more especially the Goodbye Galaxy series, Invasion of the Vorticons, Keen Dreams, and also mods like Keen 7-9. But what does Commander Genius do that makes it such a worthy addition? How about the fact that it features, 1-6 player support, four player modes, fully customizable buttons, graphic scalers, hardware acceleration, an improved CloneKeen engine, six difficulty modes, mod support, in game music, new graphics and much much more! So yes, very mighty indeed...

Requirements :
You need the original DOS game files in order to play on Commander Genius. Commander Keen: Marooned on Mars and Secret of the Oracle are as shareware already bundled. Commander Keen: The Earth Explodes and Commander Keen: Keen Must Die! are registered versions which can be purchased from 3D Realms, Apogee, or purchased from someone willing to sell you their copy. If you still have these old games, then give Commander Genius a try! You will be surprised at how good they look and how much fun they are still to play!
So if you really are a retro gamer grab the latest version which was released early this year!


  1. I don't leave home without it on my phone :)

  2. Grand :D


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