Dungeon Kingdom : Sign of the Moon - Retro inspired dungeon crawler new Physics tease!

The developers Hydro-Games studio have constantly kept us up to date with their latest dungeon crawling romp 'Dungeon Kingdom : Sign of the Moon' and so far we've been suitably impressed. Although the game will feature a modern graphics engine with a powerful dynamic lighting and shadows system, achievements, a deep story, indoor and outdoor environments we've yet to see the physics in the game, until now. So if you want to see the latest grid based movement RPG that similar to Dungeon Master & Eye of the Beholder, watch the latest trailer!

Some of the listed features : 
  • Multiple environments !!! 
  • Dungeon Kingdom's world is made of continuous levels, there's no fading or loading between levels, except for major environment changes. 
  • Cross-platforms game save sharing : start on one device, resume on another one ! Start on PC or Mac, continue on your iPad or Android smartphone. 
  • Advanced and optimized Graphics on any platform. 
  • Dungeon Kingdom use real Physics engine powered by PhysX, opening new opportunities of puzzles. 
  • Unlike many Crawlers, Dungeon Kingdom has advanced AI and navigation systems. 
  • Modern features such as achievements. 
  • Different play modes are available to fit best any player experience of Dungeon Crawler style games. 
  • Strong story design, created with a sequel in mind.

I really hope we see a demo or a full release this year as so far from what we've seen it could be a contender to Legend of Grimrock!


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