StarCrawlers - Sci-Fi dungeon crawling through Steam Early Access

Put aside your maces, swords and shields, ignore all that fantasy nonsense, as you'll find no Orcs or Wizards in Juggernaut Games latest early access game 'StarCrawlers'. Developed in that retro Dungeon Crawler style but in a Sci-Fi theme, StarCrawlers is a modern take on the classic genre as you build a crew of renegade adventurers on the fringes of space, taking jobs from megacorps to hunt bounties, sabotage rivals and conduct corporate espionage.

Key Features:
  • Wage strategic battles against futuristic enemies with an innovative time unit turn-based combat system. 
  • Procedurally-generated dungeons and events create endless replayability. 
  • Choose your allies and your foes wisely. Your choices will change how the story unfolds. 
  • Eight player classes each with unique abilities, both in combat and when exploring. 
  • Randomly generated weapons, armor and gear with upgradeable enhancements. 
  • Easy to Hardcore difficulty modes and optional permadeath.
Available for PC, MAC & Linux as Steam Early Access today ( 6 hours from this post )


  1. Nice. This is what I love about this site. You like the stuff I like! Not just retro but retro-style. The site gets better ALL the time. I appreciate all the work you do. Meth

  2. Wow thanks James(Meth) feedback like that means a lot to me :) We may not be the best site on the internet, but we do try to be different.


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