Albion - An all time classic RPG gets a Windows/Linux port

What a great start to Friday as we've just come across a fantastic bit of news of which may send a slight tingle down the spines of retro gaming RPG players across the globe! And that news is a fan based release of the Windows/Linux port of Albion; one of my all time favourite RPG's released by Blue Byte Software in 1995!

From the moment you start the game with the beeps and bops of the ship, to the crash of your shuttle into the supposedly desert world you knew you were in for a treat. The graphics for it's time were incredibly lush with vivid landscapes of intense flora and textured rocks. But what really set the game apart from most RPG's and not just the amazing characters you could talk to, was the interactive 2D top down view and 3D first person dungeon crawling combat. It was as if it was two games moulded into one, and two great games at that.  The immersion of Albion was also top of it's class, with sound effects such as the local wildlife, or from eery cave dwelling beasties.

I could go on and on about this game and how it's stuck in my mind as one of the best games I ever ever played, but I wont spoil it any more for those of you who haven't played it. It's time for you to enjoy the game as much as I did, especially now as the Windows and Linux port has been released.

It works on modern computers, doesn't require any emulation, it's quite easy to run, and mainly, it has enhanced 3D rendering, allowing the game to run in native 3D mode on higher resolutions.
Just extract the contents of the archive into the Albion directory, rename (or copy) main.exe to albion.exe, and set SOURCE_PATH in SETUP.INI to relative directory, which should contain VIDEO and XLDLIBS (if your CD directory is ALBIONCD, set it as SOURCE_PATH=ALBIONCD\).
Check Albion.cfg, you might want to set Display_Fullscreen=yes and set higher resolution (3:2), also keep Display_Enhanced_3D_Rendering=on to enable the high-resolution 3D rendering.
If sound and music isn't working, try setting Audio_MIDI_Subsystem=sdl_mixer or other value, it might be tricky to get it working.
So head on over to the download page and enjoy this amazing game! ( Albion is required ) - Thanks Retro Nerd for the heads up

Main Game Download Page

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