Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Plus - Classic platforming MOD reaches v5.0!

In the late 90's Epic MegaGames (Epic Games) released the fantastic Action Platformer, 'Jazz Jackrabbit 2' for home computers. It was a brilliant game for it's time featuring great retro graphics, multiple levels, environmental hazards, different character choices, platforming blasting action, power ups and multiplayer over LAN. Yet for anyone wishing to play it today with more than just the original gameplay, Violet_CLM has released Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Plus version 5.0; which gives the original much needed new features and improvements.

First released in 2008, Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Plus has gone through a number of changes over the years, and this week saw the release of version 5.0 adding more features, and bug fixes to both Single Player and network code improvements to Multiplayer gameplay within JJ2,

This latest and greatest release also adds several pages worth of fixes and new additions, including a new multiplayer gamemode, major code improvements to Treasure Hunt and Race gamemodes, user-written "mutator" mini-mods that can be enabled or disabled in any online server, code for loading external image/sound files for use in scripted levels, a better internal level browser for downloaded levels, improved gameplay for when transformed into a bird or frog, improved reverse gravity gameplay, improved cheat codes for single player games, new sprites and animations and image-blending modes, and plenty more!

A registered version of Jazz Jackrabbit 2 version 1.23 or 1.24 is required to play, so if you have the originals this latest release turns JJ2 into the ultimate of Jazz Jackrabbit retro gaming.

Available to download HERE

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