Adventure Craft - Legend of Zelda Minecraft mix gets a demo!

If the previous shoot em up didn't wet your appetite how about a nice The Legend of Zelda, Minecraft and Starbound style mix that's just appeared on both Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight? This is 'Adventure Craft' by Edible Entertainment; A Procedurally Generated Action RPG which they claim will push the boundaries of what's been done with action RPG's and to create something truly special

Adventure Craft will be special in the fact that it is an 'ENDLESS' procedurally generated action RPG. The world is virtually endless and constantly evolving. Created on the fly by their special algorithm that arranges the game's content and characters to create a living and breathing world for you to play in. The more you explore the world the LARGER it gets. Also, each update that the developers add, will expand the possibilities so that there will always be new things to do and new areas to explore!

But if that's not enough, how about the fact that Adventure Craft will have lots of different landscapes such as deserts, forests, wetlands and many more each containing different creatures and nasty monsters to fight. But to go even further, the game will have a full day and night cycle, with day time and nocturnal beasties and even rare ones!

Yet for those of you who want to be crafting unique items in this wonderful world, Edible Entertainment have stated the game will have a deep crafting system with the ability to cut, crush and combine items, with the ability to build a home and other structures.

It all sounds so lovely and although the Kickstarter has just begun, the Steam Greenlight campaign is getting a lot of favourable replies from the gaming community. So if Action RPG's with a crafting system are your kind of game, check out their Kickstarter and try out the latest demo, of which they have just released.

Features : 
  • An Endless Procedurally Generated RPG World to explore
  • Co-operative Multiplayer
  • A Deep Crafting System. CUT, CRUSH, & COMBINE items
  • A Beautiful and Dynamic Professional Soundtrack 
  • The Ability to build a Home and other Customizable Structures
  • HUNT Rare Monsters: Track down and defeat powerful rare monsters that drop powerful crafting items
  • A Full Day/Night Cycle! With day time and nocturnal wildlife and monsters
  • Tameable Pets and a variety of NPC Allies
  • An Advanced AI Behavior System
  • An iOS version for iPad and iPhones after the PC release


  1. Great find! I'll be sure to follow it.

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