Dimension Drive - A shoot em up with a unique idea gets a Kickstarter

A Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight campaign has begun for 2Awesome Studio's shoot em up 'Dimension Drive'. Combining frantic shooting, defence and fast puzzling action, features a unique idea which has rarely been seen in other shoot em ups before. In 'Dimension Drive' you'll be able to use a teleportation mechanic to defeat a multidimensional alien race while piloting the Manticore, a legendary ship capable of teleporting across space and dimensions!

According to the developer everything in Dimension Drive is designed from the ground up to take full advantage of the Dual-Battlefield. All the enemies and the way they attack or move is designed to fully utilize the two split screens. If an enemy is proving to be too much to deal with or a platform blocks your way, teleport yourself to another screen and try a different tactic.

What's more the game will give you a different feel throughout multiple levels, either through defensive positions, puzzle solving and my personal favourite, laser fights with waves of enemies and big bosses! Certainly a most interesting take on the shoot em up genre and one that should keep even the most hardy of gamers challenged throughout.

Features :
  • A New Type of Shoot’Em Up: Dimension Drive is a Dual-Battlefield vertical Shoot’Em Up with a focus on smart, quick teleporting. 
  • Rich Sci-fi Adventure: Unfold the secrets of the Dimension Drives and your past, teleport across the multiverse fighting the ultimate threat, and meet new races and allies! 
  • Clever Mix of Three Mechanics: A seamless combination of levels focusing on strategic shooting, fast puzzling and frantic defense make the core of Dimension Drive an exciting and varied one. 
  • 2 Wars at Once: Multitask and teleport to single-handedly fight in two shoot'em up levels at the same time. 
  • 4 Game Modes: Arcade, Modern, Pacifism and 1 Credit Clear all force you to approach the game in different ways and add replay value! 
  • Comic Book Style: Experience the story of Jack Tywood through gorgeous, dynamic motion comics fitting the cel-shaded style and visual "pop" of the main game. In Dimension Drive, video games meet comics. Who said space was just black? 
  • Energy Management: The Manticore is powered by Dimension Drive energy. Carefully decide when and where to teleport while in the midst of combat. 
  • Advanced Scoring System: Shoot'em up fans and genre newcomers alike will enjoy our unique scoring system that rewards you for playing truly well, rather than simply shooting enemies. 
  • Teleportation!: We've said that already, right? It's what makes our game really unique! No? Okay then--Teleportation!
2Awesome Studio are aiming to release the game at the end of 2015 for both PC, Mac & Linux. However they will need to reach their Kickstarter goal of €30,000 and be a Steam Greenlight success. If the game appeals to you, check it out and give them a thumbs up!

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