Wings of Dawn - Standalone space shooter built on the Freespace 2 engine!

In 1999, Violation Inc released one of the greatest space combat simulation games I have ever played, it was titled 'FreeSpace2 and was the sequel to Descent : FreeSpace - The Great War. It had incredible space battles, huge space ships, big laser beams, excellent sound effects and an impressive story to go with it. But through the years it has been ever improved upon with amazing detail, new spin off stories, more improvements and much more, thanks to the open source release of FS2 Open. The feature of today is 'Wings of Dawn' an anime-inspired space shooter which is also built on the FS2 Open engine.

Developed by KingSpoon and available as a free standalone for PC,MAC & Linux; Wings of Dawn is an anime-inspired space shooter game built on the Freespace 2 Open engine. It follows the story of a girl named Dawn, who gets thrown into a galaxy spanning war of space opera proportions. Fly a variety of fighters and use devastating weapons to bring down your enemies and discover the secrets that only Dawn can unlock. Wings of Dawn is an on-going story released in episodes and is completely free!

The first episode is available today and with the latest update no longer requires an installation of Freespace 2 to run, it is also more feature packed, more impressive and worthy of a download even if it's a hot day out side!

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