Rent a Cop 36D - Hackersoft releases another awesome C64 crazy hack!

Although this game has been out for a week or so now, but officially not for us, we are pleased to announce that 'Rent A Cop' Crazy Hacked for the C64 by Vinny of Hackersoft is now available to download from the main Hackersoft website. Originally a RGCD cartridge competition entry in 2012 published by Achim Volkers, you play as a mall cop and must stop a thief from reaching the mall roof with all the stolen goods.

In this game you have a set time limit and must stop the thief at all costs, this is especially made more difficult as when he sees you he will change direction and try to escape from the ground floor. Furthermore lifts and escalators can be used to reach your target much quicker with extra points for suitcases and bags, but watch out for mall hazards such as footballs and shopping carts or you'll end up on your ass.

Of all the hackersoft releases so far, this one we've had the most fun with, it's easy to play and great fun for all the family with a really nice crack tro soundtrack! What's more this release features 36 new in-game features including: level skip, infinite lives, teleporting, walk faster, freeze enemy, and lots more.

Available to download from the Hackersoft website

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