Saber Disk - Ludum Dare shooter with scanlines!

Studio Anjin has just given us the heads up of a retro styled game that according to them should be right up our alley. Developed by Kyle Riley, 'Saber Disk' is a wickedly cool shooter developed for the Ludum Dare 32, based in a weirdly hypnotic distant future of 1999. You play as a hip Net-Hacker by the name of Booter fighting the evil sentient AI known as the TimeLord who has taken various creatures from the past and cybernized them into terrifying mechanical weapons.

To defend yourself and to stop the total extinction at the hands of a tyrannical OS, you must gather an impressive array of reformatting floppy-disks while fighting through waves of enemies such as angry arcade cabinets, velociraptors riding pegai and intelligent Rodin sculptures before facing off with the TimeLord himself.

A great game indeed with fast scrolling backgrounds, scanlines, fast enemies and pin point reaction times required. For anyone looking for a very unique looking shooter in a retro style, this game has it! Be warned though, for anyone suffering from epilepsy or migraines, this is probably not your style of game.


Arrow Keys - Move
Z - Fire Left
X - Jump
C - Fire Right

Studio Anjin Dev-Blog

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