Deep Space Bundle - Another Sci-fi bundle from Bundle Stars!

It's that time of week again and Bundle Stars have released another bundle for the gamer that likes lots of cool games on the cheap. Today's bundle is a Sci-fi bundle that has 10 steam keys ranging from an action shooter, to a universal sandbox and a puzzler. Games such as Space Pirates and Zombies, Universe Sandbox, Waves, Dead Effect, Boid, Syder Arcade, Smugglers 5, Enemy Mind, Dark Matter and Q.U.B.E: Director's Cut are all included!

As for my personal choice, it has to be Enemy Mind, a wickedly cool shoot em up that features the transferring of your mind into other ships to take control!


If that bundle deal wasn't good enough, Bundle Stars have also announced The Fiver Sale, with 5 days of awesome Steam games all for $5 each or less, with new deals every day!


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