Golden Krone Hotel -Turn Based Vampire Roguelike (Greenlight this on Steam!)

Golden Krone Hotel is a turn-based vampire roguelike for Windows, Mac, and Linux, that is being made by North Carolina based developer Vulgat Games. As Sorina Arobase the exalted vampire huntress, your objective is to locate four magical rings that are scattered throughout the hotel, then ascend to the top floor (tenth level of the hotel) which is protected by potent magic.

Only the bearer of the four rings can breach the tenth floor. You will need to fight your way through hordes of evil undead vampires, making your way through the ten levels of this wicked hotel with the ultimate objective to assassinate "Fane" [the evil exiled vampire prince]. Legendary creatures guard the four rings, each in four separate areas of the hotel. You must seek out, and destroy each of these monsters to obtain the four rings. Light destroys vampires, so use the light to your advantage, along with your magic and fighting skills while working your way through the ten hotel levels.

When you begin, you need to pick a disguise, (basically the equivalent of selecting your characters class). You can choose between...
Vagabond -When levelling up you can choose which stat to increase, but no additional bonus.
Officer - +1 strength when levelling up, Start with +2 to armour
Assassin - + 1 dexterity when levelling up, Start with a Dexterity Boost potion
Scholar - +1 intelligence when levelling up, Start with additional spell

Controls are as follows...

Move, Attack, Aim Magic = WASD, arrow, or vi keys
Cast Magic = 1-3
Wait = .
Rest = SPACE or 5
Extinguish/Enkindle torches = E
Read = R
Take Stairs = T
Skip screens, close windows = ESC & For more informative help features, press the ? key.

Although you begin your quest as a human, you will inevitably transform into a vile vampire. Seek out a Soul Elixir to reverse your affliction!

Features are listed as...
  • Dynamic lighting. You control all the lights in the hotel and you can even use sunlight to your advantage.
  • Play as both vampire and human in every play through.
  • Dozens of unique monsters. Vampires are friendly when you're a vampire and humans are friendly when you're a human.
  • Traditional roguelike gameplay. Impress your friends with your innumerable deaths!
Alpha demo is available now at

What's the best way to kill a vampire? Find out now by voting to Greenlight "Golden Krone Hotel" on Steam.

Official Golden Krone Hotel site
You can follow Golden Krone Hotel on Twitter and like GKH on Facebook

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