L'Abbaye des Morts – Amiga OS 4 gets a stunning port!

Not to be left out and no it's not a C64 or ZX Spectrum release, but Alain Thellier has announced the Amiga OS 4 availability of 'Abbaye Des Morts'; an arcade platformer originally developed by LOCOMALITO in 2012. A great game indeed and has since had many ports from it's original PC release in a ZX Spectrum flavour, you play as a religious preacher attempting to out run crusaders who disagree with his practice, only to find himself fleeing into a haunted church.

Screenshots may not represent the Amiga OS 4 build

With plenty of rooms to explore and enemies to evade in a Jet Set Willy vibe, Abbaye Des Morts has plenty of gameplay for both retro gaming fans and new gamers a like. As such LOCOMALITO has always been one to impress with his games as can be seen by the many ports Abbaye des Morts has had, from the PC version, to the ZX Spectrum release to this latest port by Alain Thellier
AMIGA PORT MOST IMPORTANT FEATURES OS3 version use Cybergraphics and 68020 (warning: this version may only works only inside WinUAE) OS4 version use
Compositing and PPC Both version use datatypes for sound & graphics loading (PNG
& WAV needed) Support Joystick (OS4: just adjust Prefs/AmigaInput to use a pad
with lowlevel.library)
Available HERE

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