Station - Flashback inspired psychological terror gets a Kickstarter

Those of you who like a good psychological horror story may be interested to know that Well-Lit Room has announced that their latest Kickstarter campaign for a Flashback inspired psychological terror game titled 'Station' has now begun. Inspired by old adventure games such as Another World (Out of This World) and Flashback, you play as a crew member of a routine expedition that has gone  very badly wrong, an incident has turned the under water mining facility into a death trap with insane crew members and the aim is to get out as quickly as possible!

According to the developers Station will have a dark atmosphere of an Alien, Lovecraft mix with a constant, oppressive, yet vague menace and a feeling of vulnerability. The world around you will be very hostile and it's down to you in a non linear experience to use your environment or your powers of diplomacy to succeed. Do you use your golden tongue to talk your way out of a hostile situation, or do you go in all guns blazing?

You can use cranes, bathyscaphs, loading robots, security systems and whatever equipment you find in the station in any way you see fit to solve puzzles. NPC's can also be interacted with or eliminated so there will be no hand holding in this game, and it's pretty damn brutal. Other interesting features to the game is "Station" will also feature lots of dialogue, an interactive environment and a thrilling soundtrack.

I for one am a huge fan of games like Another World or Flashback, thus with 'Stations' retro inspirations, brutal environment and no hand holding, this is another Kickstarter that needs to succeed!

The developers are aiming for a £10,000 success goal, with PC, Mac, Linux and Playstation 4 in the pipeline for a 2016 release.


For further information and features see the Kickstarter Page

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