Sunken Castle Dizzy - A new Dizzy adventure reaches beta!

Of all the games I want to play there is one type of game that I will put everything aside for and that's a Dizzy fan game. So to my surprise I was pleased to hear from Adam Markey (Yolkfolk) of a brand new Dizzy game called 'Sunken Castle Dizzy'. Developed by Simon Rice and in a beta stage, you once again play as Dizzy, but this time in a trip out to the caves with the Yolkfolk, he's slipped and fallen down a deep crevasse and it's down to you to get him out before the sea rushes in and he runs out of air!

But the air isn't the only problem Dizzy has to deal with, in his usual puzzle item solving adventure ways but the caves are haunted. From ghostly knights, to a lady seeking her loved one, this is a Dizzy adventure you'll not want to miss. Even the graphics and sound effects such as the dripping water or the groaning Ogre are just so well done. It's pretty impressive for a beta release too, yet all that's missing is an intro and an end sequence, and as of yet there are no diamonds to collect!

So give it a go today, I'm sure you'll agree this is one fantastic Dizzy fan game and I for one can't wait till it's complete. Now leave me be, the air is getting thin and I need to get out of this cave!


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