COMPLICA DX - A fantastic CONNECT-4 for the ZX Spectrum!

Spectrum owners prepare to play one of the greatest ZX Spectrum style arcade puzzle games released this year by far; it's 'COMPLICA DX' by Einar Saukas, Dave Hughes and Yerzmyey. A brand new release that takes on CONNECT-4, gives it a unique twist and makes it so enjoyable to play you'll not want to put it down! Featuring great 8bit graphics by Dave "R-Tape" Hughes, amazing speccy tunes, a customized version of the BIFROST Engine, huge game content (packing 12K of 100% Assembly code, 61K of standard and multicolor graphics, 12K of AY music) in 48K only and it's completely free to play!

In COMPLICA DX you play as a mighty hero that must defend the known universe from all that is evil through the use of Ancient technology. Technology that, according to the team, is all about the CONNECT-4. That's right, in this latest ZX Spectrum release you must connect all the correctly coloured creatures in a 4 way pattern to win the level. If however the evil enemy gets a four lined pattern, they win and it's bad news for you.

But with that said COMPLICA DX is a mighty fine game indeed. It will keep you hooked for hours, as not only does it look very appealing with high end ZX Spectrum detail, but the game play is non stop fun. Even when I played it, I was completely taken back by this being free and not a commercial release. The sound is also great to listen to and I couldn't make up my mind which one I preferred, the loading music or the main menu tune! Certainly a worthy game even by homebrew standards....

Compatible with all official ZX-Spectrum models, COMPLICA DX is available to download today HERE with a discussion available on the World of Spectrum forums.

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