EXPLORER - Scramble inspired shooter for the ZX Spectrum

We've just been given the heads up of a brand new ZX Spectrum shooter inspired by Scramble, that will have ZX retro gamers across the globe hammering their space button and requiring fast reaction time while admiring the many speccy graphics that race up the screen at a blistering pace. This is 'EXPLORER' developed by Luca Bordoni; a complete 2015 rewritten code compiled with Boriel's ZX Basic from a much earlier release in 1989 that at the time was a weak attempt, but not so any more!

This redevelopment has come along way from it's first sighting according to the developer, as the game contains a new assembly routine to scroll a screen window for detailed gameplay informations, as well as a new font-set (exactly the same taken from the original arcade) and further improvements to the game itself. But the negative side which still requires some work is it still lacking smoothness due to, as the developer puts it, character based movement.

In EXPLORER, you must guide your ship through six enemy zones and destroy the final base. Each colour of enemy that appears from the bottom of the screen must either be avoided or shot at for extra points, with bonus points given depending on the enemy that is destroyed. (You also have to shoot red tanks for extra fuel).

Do note though that EXPLORER's difficulty level is pretty intense. The game requires fast reaction times and there are so many placed enemies that the game doesn't relent right to the end boss. But the main question remains, is this game any good? Well I'm going to have to say a big YES! It is very enjoyable to play as a top down scrolling shooter that would feel right at home at the Arcades. My only critique would be the smoothness of the game as mentioned by the developer, as at times it is a little jerky with laser graphics still showing by the next scroll.

But with that out of the way, it's time for you to play the game and make your own mind up if the game is as good as we've said.  So head on over to the download link and play!


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