Skool Daze - A hit speccy classic getting an Amstrad CPC port! [UPDATE]

Skool Daze was released in 1984 for the ZX Spectrum and C64, created by David Reidy and Helen Reidy with the ZX Spectrum version voted the 4th best game of all time in a special issue of Your Sinclair magazine in 2004. It was the only game of it's time that gave you the true 8-bit experience of being at school. In Skool Daze you play as a naughty schoolboy named Eric and his task was to steal the report card from the headmaster's safe, because if you didn't, your parents would not be happy. The game for it's time had so much in it, it really felt like you was at school with such antics to be had! But for all it's charm Skool Daze never appeared on the Amstrad CPC until now! Joseman has announced the classic speccy game is being ported over to the Amstrad CPC using the original source code. [Update Posted]

ZX Spectrum Version

So far the development of the game is about 97% complete with patched original sound routine to CPC sound, to emulate the spectrum beeper. Eric can also shoot his catapult and run around the school, much to the annoyance of the teachers. For what it's worth this remake isn't a bad version at all even in it's current stage, but as it is a beta be prepared for a number of issues. One such issue that I found caused the game to crash out when pressing different buttons (JavaCPC emulated). Also I would've liked a better graphical palette to really show the fantastic colours of an Amstrad CPC not just black and white.

Thankfully the game is available for all Amstrad users in .sna form, and the creator has mentioned it's nearly finished and if requested he will do a .dsk version. So head on over to the download link and discuss the game so it's fully patched up and perfect! (Joystick input and the cursor input coming soon)


Update 23/06/15 : Since this article went live, the developer has now released beta 1 with further bug fixes such as re-read all of his routines (not the bubble speech) with other optimizations. Also as a further update, you can now download this release in a .dsk based format!


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