OutRun CPC - An Amstrad CPC style remake of a hit racer!

Way back in 1986 Sega released one of the greatest racers of our time, it just had to be Out Run. An Arcade racer designed by Yu Suzuki, that was not only a commercial success but became one of the best selling games of it's time. It had incredible graphics, fantastic music and fast paced track racing that really pushed you to the edge of your seat. Yet as is the case with Arcade games of that era, many of them were ported to home computers and consoles thanks to US Gold. One such game was Out Run and the famous Amstrad CPC version, famous for completely the wrong reasons. As such one such user by the name of Barbarian.1987 set out to remake the Amstrad CPC game (since 2012/3) as a what if on your PC.

Amstrad CPC (Original)

But before we delve into the remake, lets take a look at just how bad the original conversion actually was. For anyone that has looked at the back of the Amstrad CPC box, the game screen shown never actually looked like the game that was being played on your home computer. What's even more shocking, was the graphics were so bad the only saving grace was the detail of the car! Even the loading screen didn't even look like the game you were about to play!

Furthermore the frame rates were awful and the sound effects just came out as slight beeps as your car skidded one to one side. Thankfully the loading screen did have a fantastic soundtrack! So if you wanted a really great version you could play the original through MAME or the very latest OutRun CPC remake which we are about to talk about right now!

Welcome to the OutRun CPC remake by Barbarian.1987! As you can already see the graphics are a huge step up from the original Amstrad release. Although it looks like Amstrad detail, what this remake does is something special which at this moment isn't actually available for the CPC, it's a PC playable what if. In other words, how would the game look if US Gold actually did a proper conversion unlike the horrendous one that game out.

The frame rates are super smooth, it feels just like the original Arcade and furthermore the game has music throughout while you drive (It is simply divine). If anything I've had more fun playing this than many of the supposed remakes that have been announced by us throughout the years. It is a joy to play even if it is still in a beta stage, as your car whizzes through the landscapes at well over 200 km/h.

But there is a downside, this isn't actually available for the Amstrad CPC, even if it's made to look like it should be on the CPC. Perhaps it runs way too well that the hardware can't support it, or as the developer has stated his knowledge in coding is not high enough to convert it over. But whatever the case this is a worthy remake that certainly takes a spot on our best remakes of all time on Indie Retro News.

So download it today and enjoy this incredible racer as it may have looked on the Amstrad CPC!


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