Godkiller 2 Exile - Impressive ZX Spectrum 128k game gets a sequel!

What a fantastic day this is turning out to be and it has just got even better, as Geraldo Rivera at Large has just informed us of the release of 'Godkiller 2' by APSIS, powered by The Mojon Twins. A ZX Spectrum 128k sequel to the great ZX game 'Godkiller' which featured fantastic music, great 8-bit graphics and top notch gameplay. Once again you play as The Gods Murderer, but this time exiled to a demonic dimension stripped of your powers and surrounded by hellish creatures , you must restore your connection to the primary Source and escape from this hell up!

Featuring great music by Neil Parsons with the code by Cthonian Godkiller, Godkiller 2 is a great game for the ZX Spectrum! It's every bit as good as the original release with fantastic detail right from the word go. Just listening to that music, while looking at the main menu or seeing the in game world is a joy to behold. From mighty castles, to grass and rocky landscapes, each one detailed to perfection.

As for the gameplay that too is of high quality, it plays very much like Sabre Wulf but on an almost grander scale. With enemies to avoid, the collection of items and each screen with plenty of detail as noted above. As such I for one had lots of fun playing this and struggled to put the game down, even with many of the enemies having varying rates of movement and speed, require precise timing to avoid just to collect that key!

So what are you waiting for? If you have a ZX Spectrum or an emulator such as Spetacular, you owe it yourself to play this incredible game by APSIS

Links :   Download    Website

Game by Maxi_Ruano (APSIS)

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