RGCD - 2015 C64 16KB Cartridge Game Development Competition!

We may have missed out on the early launch news, we were that busy! But this is certainly one for C64 owners to get all hyped over, especially if you know a bit about C64 coding. As RGCD have launched the 2015 C64 16KB Cartridge Game Development Competition. Following on from the success of the last four competitions, the competition creators are hoping for a fantastic 2015/16 full of incredible games all working in 16KB cartridge ROM format. Although the creators have yet to secure prizes, sponsorship and awards, they are hoping for winners in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd category.

Current deadline for the competition instead of December, is going to be the 1st of Feb 2016 with judges such as Andreas Varga/Mr. SID (HVSC Crew), Hedning (Genesis Project), David Simmonds/Jazzcat (RGCD/Onslaught), Flemming Dupont (RGCD), Frank Gasking (GTW64), Jakob Voos/Jak T Rip (Protovison), James Monkman/Heavy Stylus (RGCD), Jamie Howard/Physcopanda (RGCD), John Dennis (RGCD), Martin Wendt/Enthusi (RGCD/Onslaught), Matt Allen/Mayhem
and Paul Koller/paulko64.

  • The competition deadline is 00:00 GMT on the 1st Feburary 2016 (midnight on the 1st Feburary) - this gives you over 6 months of development time.
  • There will be no competition unless a minimum of six entries are submitted by the deadline.
  • All submitted games must be in working 16KB cartridge ROM format (help is available to test ROM files on real hardware). Compression is allowed (and encouraged) but the final file size must not exceed 16KB (.crt (VICE) at 16.0 KB (16,464 bytes) or .bin (C64) at 16.0 KB (16,384 bytes)).
  • The games submitted do not necessarily need to be new, but must be your own work, not sold commercially or released in cartridge format previously. Cartridge ROM hacks will obviously not be accepted.
  • PAL must be supported, with additional NTSC support optional (but encouraged). If possible, please consider GS compatibility.
  • The maximum number of single entries from a person or group is set at three. If more entries are made, the applicant has the opportunity to replace a previous entry with a new one.
  • All applicants that submit a valid entry (see above) will receive one physical cartridge copy of their game for free.
  • The applicant owns their work, so therefore submitted games will *ONLY* be released for sale at an agreed price via RGCD if the coder expresses a desire to do so.
  • There will be a panel of judges (announced in full over the coming weeks), and entries will be scored on a point distribution basis across several criteria. The decision of the panel is final.
  • Judges *CAN* enter games themselves, but cannot self-vote (award points to their own release).
As per usual we will of course mention every game worthy of a win and post about it here, with included download links. So good luck all, this is one competition C64 owners need to be a part of!

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