Scarabaeus - Egyptian C64 classic cracked by Onslaught

Way back in the time of the Egyptians and of the ancient Pyramids, an astronaut and his dog has to explore an Egyptian tomb to find the Pharaohs Jewel, the problem was (which isn't shown) you get bit by a spider, so not only are you trying to locate the gem, you need to find the medicine to stop the poison before you die. Welcome to 'Scarabaeus', a rather interesting 3D Maze game with a fantastic soundtrack originally developed by Andromeda Software, and released in 1985 for the C64 which has now been re-released by Onslaught with a cheat trainer.

Before you delve into this game be warned, it's very confusing and slightly creepy. You must solve puzzles in a 3D Maze spread over three levels in a first person viewpoint by touching ghosts and collecting the usable hieroglyph's. Once you have all the hieroglyph's it's time to use the lift to the next level where you must avoid spiders and solve many more of the strange puzzles. When the levels are complete, you will gain the medicine and finally collect the gem. I for one am still struggling with the game, so if you have the time, check out the walkthrough, or jump straight in and get totally lost!

Links :

1) Source
2) Download
3) Walkthrough

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