BUBSY Two-Fur - Retrogaming classic gets a Steam Greenlight campaign.

It isn't very often we see retro game originals pushing for your Steam Greenlight votes, so to see Accolade's 90's platform game series of Bubsy appearing, I was most certainly surprised. A series of games that were similar to Super Mario Bros and Sonic the Hedgehog, were originally released for the Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Atari Jaguar, the PC and PlayStation and now with your help, Retroism will bring two of the 2-D games to authorized digital download for the first time in the Bubsy Two-Fur on Steam


"I'm Bubsy. I'm tryin' to save the Earth from Woolies. No, Woolies aren't what you get from wearing cheap underwear! Woolies are space dweebs in flying saucers out to purrloin the Earth's supply of yarnballs. But enough about them. Let's talk about me!"
  • 16 megs -"Over 40 awesome animations. Five wild worlds. Countless furballs!" 
  • 16 big levels -"An average of 300 screens purr level. Humongous or what." 
  • 7 music tracks -"Just like goin' to the show to see a 'Furminator' movie." 
  • Interactive cartoon -"Spend Saturdays playing cartoons, not watching 'em!" 
  • More Sound Effects -"I plop. I boing. I splat. I need medical attention." 
  • Gorgeous Graphics -"I'm prettier than Mel and Debbie Gibson combined." 
  • Digitized voice -"Next, I'm gonna get my own 1-900 number."

  • Defeat droves of dive-bombing penguins! Squash squadrons of flying pigs! Trash tons of turbo-powered sheep! It's all waiting for you in this wacky, whirlwind adventure through the Amazatorium! 
  • Toys! Bubsy has his very own action toy bazooka, a diving suit and a smart bomb. 
  • Thirty levels filled with a bazillion bad guys. 
  • Freedom! Thanks to his own portable hole, Bubsy can roam through any world anytime. 
  • Best Time or High Score - your choice.

Bubsy will hopefully be available for PC late 2015, so lets just hope the price is right, because I'd love to play these games again!

Links : 1) Steam 2) Twitter

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