Combat Monsters - Prepares for the 'OMG It's MASSIVE!' V4 update

Rubicon Development - Creators of the brilliant mobile Great Little War Game series have been hard at work on the latest update for their already cracking Combat Monsters - a free Collectible Card Game and Hex battler. Currently in final Beta stages, Rubicon will be pushing this to go live by the end of the month for PC players. but this is not just a minor update, this one is so big it's been dubbed the OMG It's Massive! update with features galore.

Rubicon has had a rocky start to CM's existence on the PC, after a direct port of their mobile game with little tweaking to the subtleties to the desktop ecosystem, they have listened to user feedback and created a vastly superior gaming experience for CCG fans on the PC. It's still free with In App purchases (but Rubicon Owner, Paul Johnson, has been very vocal about keeping IAP's sensible, realistic and valuable to users rather than just pay to win) but with higher spec graphics and 3D models, better screen layouts and less intrusive/aggressive monetisation system.

Specifically this upcoming V4.1 release will bring a vast swathe of new features. So many in fact I'm not even going to attempt to list them all... but some of the major ones are:

  • More monsters - An artillery class for all races
  • More weapons
  • More Heroes
  • Clan support
  • Teamplay
  • Rookie mode
  • Targeted Spells
  • More spells
  • Rare Cards  

And loads more. Go see the full list and get in on the public beta if you're not already on it by clicking here

If you've never seen Combat Monsters, go check it out on:
1) Main Website 2) Steam 3) Google Play 4) iOS App Store


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