Parasite - Shape changing retro styled platformer (Steam Greenlight)

Another Steam Greenlight campaign for mention is the non-linear retro styled platformer of ' Parasite ', which puts you in control of an alien worm wanting to get rid of a human space colony on his planet. In this game that even has a demo for you to try, you have the ability of changing your shape into a multitude of characters such as a dog, human or worm with each having their own abilities to be able to sabotage the human complex.

Features :
  • 4 unique environments with their own specificities 
  • 4 shapes to unlock, each providing an exclusive ability 
  • Non-linear level design allowing for routing choices 
  • Use health as a resource to change shape and work around obstacles 
  • Integrated timer, for the speedrun enthusiasts 
  • Deactivate all 8 station modules before too many humans can escape ! 
  • Controller support (360 gamepad compatible recommended) and keyboard customisation

Links : 1) Steam Greenlight 2) IndieDB 3) Demo

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