Corpses 'N Souls - A 2D Metroidvania with jaw dropping detail

As I'll be with family this weekend, I thought I'd finish off with a rather gorgeous looking game that fuses a 2D Metroidvania with Diablo like ARPG mechanics, developed with full DX11 in mind, plus OpenGL and 64bit support! This is ' Corpses 'N Souls ' by Side Scroll Studios, a massive in your face eye candy game with next gen 2D HD graphics. Featuring combat, defence, harvesting, corpses, souls, crafting, spells, abilities, tactics, adventuring, collecting loot, progression, stealth and a unique gameplay experience!

Your journey takes place within the E-K planets in the Epsilon quadrant of the Universe where you will choose a species and class to take on the challenges before you. Become the master of harvesting Corpses and Souls or be one of its victims and be harvested yourself. As the Universe dawns the start of “Soul Revolution” no one’s Corpse and Soul is safe.

It all sounds and looks incredible and if the game stays on it's current course for an eventual release, we could be looking at one of the most eye candy intense games we've seen for some time. It would certainly give Trine a run for it's money that's for sure! But as of yet we don't have a release date as it's still to be decided, but keep watching this space, because as soon as we know more, we will give you the heads up.

Link : 1) Website

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