The Quest - An incredible Dungeon Crawler gets a PC Steam Greenlight campaign!

For many years now going way back to 2009, I've always been hoping that Redshift Games would bring their incredible dungeon crawler of ' The Quest ' away from the iPhone and towards the PC. Well, after some months of keeping an eye on their Facebook page, the same developers have finally announced the Steam Greenlight campaign for their hi-res overhaul with brand new high resolution graphics of the original dungeon crawling classic ' The Quest '.

If this game stays as true to it's original grid based movement and combat gameplay as possible, while overhauling pretty much everything else for PC players, you are in for a serious treat with this dungeon crawler. It may not have the graphics of more modern games such as Legend of Grimrock or Dungeon Kingdom, but ' The Quest ' is a highly regarded dungeon crawler that even I found difficult to put down.

What's more, in this game you can choose from five customizable races and an array of skills, weapons, armour and enchantments, and explore a huge world of four cities and a wilderness of mountains, caves, lakes and forests – full of mystery, magic and intriguing challenges while meeting the many inhabitants, each with its own agenda and attitude towards your character! So yes, this game deserves a serious amount of thumbs up!

  • Pursue a long and dramatic main story and solve many optional side quests. 
  • Create a highly customizable character and cast dazzling spells, enchant powerful items, concoct potent potions and persuade people to further your goals. 
  • Discover an open world with interesting locales, day/night cycle, weather, fascinating people, dangerous creatures, readable books, pick-able locks, repairable items, houses that can be broken into, dungeons, traps and much more. 
  • Play an absorbing card game with three different decks, accessible at the inns.

Links : 1) Facebook 2) Steam Greenlight 3) Website

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