Chrimblast! - Christmas gets a ZX Spectrum Shoot 'Em Up!

After all those rather bleak C64 games released this week, it's nice to see the ZX Spectrum getting some colourful crimbo homebrews. So to begin in style, we have Chrimblast! by R-Tape and team, which was recently submitted to the ZX-DEV 2015 comp, that mixes up Christmas and the fun of a Shoot 'Em Up while adding a touch of R-Type power!

Chrimblast! isn't a very big game, coming in at only 8 levels, but what there is on offer is still a fun game to play to pass the time. It's also simplistic in design with asteroids and enemies appearing from the top that must either be avoided or blasted out of the way. But what I did really like about the game was being able to collect presents, listening to that voice over announcement and powering up the blaster to that of a much bigger beam, kind of like R-Type. You'll also be pleased to know the game is free to play and downloadable below.

This game automatically plays AY whether 48k or 128k, so if you're playing on a normal 48k speccy it's best to turn the music off - then the in game beep effects are (slightly) better.

Links : 1) Discussion 2) Download

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