Eye of the Beholder 1 & 2 AGA Versions - An Amiga Forever install guide!

Way back in 2013 I gave you the full guide of how to get these two amazing FREE dungeon crawlers, Eye of the Beholder 1 and 2 AGA editions working through FS-UAE. I also provided two links to be able to download them and run straight off, but both of these were still a little fiddly and was liable to the odd crash. But now, fast forward to 2016 using Amiga Forever, I'll show you how to run and play two of the the most incredible Dungeon Crawler ever to appear on the Amiga and PC by Westwood Associates (Westwood Studios) with full automapping!

0) First install the commercial Amiga Forever ( Link ) & Download EOB 1 & EOB 2

1) Make a directory on your PC computer such as RPG, then unpack the two EOB files you've downloaded to two separate directories in RPG, for example EOB 1 and EOB 2. It doesn't have to be RPG it can be anything, as long as you remember where the directory was!

2) Load Amiga Forever

3) On the left hand side, browse to Amiga Files - Systems

4) Right click on WorkBench 3.x and EDIT

5) You can increase performance under configuration tab, but for now click on the media tab

A) Select ADD ( It's at the bottom )
B) Click the type bar and select directory
C) on the right side of the directory option choose the directory where your EOB 1 and EOB 2 folders are located.

D) Select ok twice, until you are back at the media screen. ( You should now see your RPG directory listed under file drives )

7) Select OK and it should take you back to the Systems Workbench listings

8) Double click on Windows 3.X

9) You should now be on your new desktop with the folder showing as RPG or whatever you called it with the EOB 1 and 2 folders inside. ( Don't run them yet! )

10A) Load up Dopus and make sure to copy the Westwoodtool.library files to the main system folder libs

10B) While still in Dopus open the RPG directory ( this may be different depending on what you called it ) then open the data-vga folder in the EOB 2 game directory and look for the fonts folder. Click it to highlight it, but don't open it. Then open your System directory and copy the Fonts folder from data-vga over to the system window below, and this will fix your EOB 1/2 fonts.  - Tip by dlfrsilver

( If no error message appears - quit out of Dopus ) ( If error message appears read below )

** WARNING **  if you are having write protect errors, you may need to go back to step 3 - 5, reopening the media tab, click on Built in Boot (under hard disks), and untick Read-Only. If a message pops up just click NO, and ok everything to get back to the Systems Workbench 3.x launch screen, and relaunch Workbench 3.x!

11) Go back to your EOB 1 or EOB 2 folder and wolla, it should all be running smoothly

I hope you enjoyed reading this install guide and the game works perfectly for you, as if it wasn't for Bertrand/CFou this AGA version with full automapping wouldn't be possible. Oh and before I forget, you can even use the hard drive install guide for many other games, such WHDLOAD games ready to be played directly from workbench!

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