Super Carling the Spider : C64 - Exclusive preview of Psytronik Software's new game!

Psytronik Software who are a software label and publisher are certainly no strangers to us or the retro gaming scene. They have been devoted to releasing games for many different classic systems such as the Amstrad, C64, C16 and VIC-20. In fact according to them they have over 40 titles available including the epic C64 game Knight 'n' Grail, the excellent game Sub Hunter (voted 2008 game of the year for the C64 by Micro Mart), Darkness (featuring graphics and amazing packaging designed by Trevor 'Smila' Storey) and many more! So it will come as no surprise to you to see why we were just that little bit excited to play their latest game ' Super Carling The Spider ' for the C64, which is due very soon!

Copyright by AQARIUS, with a new loading C64 bitmap by Rob Levy, cover artwork by Trevor 'Smila' Story, coding, graphics, music by Joe 'Polygon' Dixon and packaging by Jason 'Kenz' Mackenzie; Super Carling the Spider is an enhanced C64 conversion of a previous and popular VIC-20 release. So for those of you who don't remember the story from the VIC version, you play as a spider called Carling, who has had his abandoned mine home turned upside down from a peaceful dark place, into a diamond vault, filled with traps and bouncy sphere guard things!

So what does any Spider do when his home has been turned upside down? Well this one at least wants to clear the place out, shut down the security system and take back what was once his home! So off he goes clearing out diamonds through every level and reaching each exit. But he must be careful, because this diamond vault is no longer safe as it's full of traps and those bouncing spheres we mentioned before.

But it comes down to this, what do I think of this game? Well it's a lovely game indeed, it's so full of charm and so damn cute. I'm not sure if I should just keep playing through each level, clearing out all the diamonds or just hopping about like a kid in a candy store. I also love the music in this game, not just the loading screen tune but even the in game one, which can be switched to sound effects if the music gets to grating. But also it's a challenging game, as with every level, the spikes get harder to avoid, and the spheres increase in number, but again I want to play more.  The only negative crit I can give the game, is between each level completion you get a black and white pattern, which really hurts my eyes and not so good for migraine sufferers.

To end on that grand note I cannot however say to you which game I prefer this or the original because I didn't play the original. But what I can tell you in regards to what has been enhanced is new soundtracks, new levels and yes that all important loader and cover art design. Furthermore it should be released sometime in early 2016 on the Psytronik Software label, via cassette, disk and digital download for the C64.

What a great time to be a C64 gamer, and a huge thanks to a mr anon for supplying the game over to us for this exclusive preview. As soon as it's released, we will give you the heads up with a link below.

Link : 1) Source Game Info

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