Cave Story successor " One Dog Story " coming to Kickstarter Jan 13th!

In 2004 Studio Pixel released the incredible adventure platformer game of ' Cave Story ' for the PC. With later versions from 2010 onwards as Cave Story+ and Cave Story 3D coming to Nintendo based handhelds such as the 3DS.  It received critical acclaim for its great story and gameplay and featured 2D platform mechanics and is reminiscent to classic games such as Metroid. It was and still is a worthy game to have your in collection, but the news of today comes direct from BigWay Games Studio as they will be launching their Kickstarter on January 13th for the Cave Story successor of ' One Dog Story '.

Already I can see this game being a huge success based on the name alone, I mean seriously who hasn't heard of Cave Story? True to form this game will also be an interactive platformer in a Metroindvania style inspired by Cave Story and Shovel Knight. with RPG elements, new characters, puzzles to solve, weapon upgrades, battles, different locations, lots of enemies, and a deep storyline with different endings. But rather than me rattle on, here's the press release below, which almost brings a tear to my eye, as I too lost a dog to spirit, passing away to Cancer... I miss you still Sadie :(

Eugene Asanov, a game designer, “The story that provided the basis for the game is quite sad. As a 
child I had a dog that I loved very much, but in 4 years it passed away. I was 9-­11 years old kid and 
really  wanted  my  dog  could  talk  –  you  know,  childish  dreams.  The  dog  was  extremely  smart and docile. I’ll never forget my pet, so I dedicate the game to it.” 

One Dog Story is a kind of remedy for the souls of those who lost somebody in their lives. Over and over again the main character faces the difficult choice concerning other people's lives and destinies, argues with Lilith  artificial intelligence  implanted  in  his  head,  and  advances  ideas  on  what  is happening around.

According  to  the  game  plot  different  variants  of  weapon  modifications,  teleporters,  and turrets are available, as well as game­ playing solutions, where the character can fly with a jet pack, ride a hover board, and go underwater – all of these will brighten a lonely adventure of the dog.  Some game- playing  solutions  bring  in  intrigue  to  the  game;  an  interesting  plot,  quest  tasks  of other characters.

And to end on that note, we await the Kickstarter launch, and hope it ends up as a huge success, as it looks beautiful and sounds great. Come on BigWay Games Studio you can do it!

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  1. this is looking good for some cave story fans im excited for this


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