Hideous Bill & the Gi-Gants - It's almost like Pacman for the C64 but with Ants!

Hokuto Force gave us the heads up last night to mention their latest trainered release of ' Hideous Bill & the Gi-Gants ' which was first published by Virgin Games, way back in 1983! In this Pacman style game, you must follow the instructions carefully before starting each mission to make sure you know how to rescue your lady friend Greta from being Ant food. Unlike Pacman this game is far more involved as each level differs, from squashing eggs, to using items to opening up mechanisms. Now once again this cool game has been re-released by Hokuto Force but with 4 Trainers, Dox, a HS Saver, the ingame reset protection was removed and as bonus they added a pic inspired to the sci-fi movies of the 50's in black and white

As for the game play, it's great fun and I actually prefer it over Pacman! Not only does it have a lovely soundtrack in the main menu, but I found this game more challenging and it adds a more unique style to the typical genre other than just collecting pellets. In the first level for example, you must crush the ant eggs, and collect weapons to fight back against the giant ants walking around the screen.

What I found funny though, was the design of the ants looking like cuddly toys, the death animation which looks like your guy is dancing before he finally keels over, and the weapon stabbing, which looks as if the weapon is coming out between your legs! So yes, this game is full of charm with an added comedy value, a lovely game indeed for a Sunday playthrough!

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