Meadowbrook Nine - Hokuto Force releases a rare hole in one C64 Golf game!

Let me be honest with you, I can't stand Golf! I never enjoyed watching it or even playing it, the only game I enjoyed playing was Mini Golf as it was just way more fun, especially with the family. But alas this isn't Mini Golf but a rare C64 game called: Meadowbrook Nine , which according to Hokuto Force has been saved for the sake of preserving C64 rare stuff!

And that's that really, I'd love to give you an in-depth review and my personal thoughts of how amazing this game is and it's the best thing ever, but I can't... It's Golf! But what I can say is this, it was originally written by John Lord and published by Paragon Software in 1985, and button 1 selects the club for hitting and button 2 moves onto the next selection such as distance and angle. Oh and Space to smack that ball right out of the green.

Anyway, have fun you Golfers!

Links : 1) Source 2) Download 3) Website

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