World's End Chapter 1 - Turn based strategy RPG featuring unique mechanics

We seem to have hit a low point in games lately that I feel deserve a mention on our site for your gaming pleasure. So in our hunt for something free and worth while, we came across Mezzanine Stairs comedic turn based strategy RPG, 'World's End Chapter 1'; which features more than your usual turn based antics. In fact, not only does it feature the ability to learn new skills, buying, finding and plundering items, but in this game you can actually use terrain, traps, obstacles and even foes' corpses to gain a tactical advantage.

Oh yes indeed, if an enemy is in your way, you can either throw an object at him, drop something on his head, or what I really liked in the video above, was being able to pick someone up or push them off a great height. How often does that happen in turn based games? But if you want more for a free game, it also features : morally ambiguous heroes, dubious enemies and an unconventional story ,turn-based, tactical combat with 6 unique player characters and your progress carries over to Chapter 2!

A worthy game for sure, and if you've got the time, head on over to the link HERE, and play it in your browser for free!

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