Hessian - Action Adventure from Covert Bitops for the C64 is finally here!

Hot off the press and just released, the C64 retro community is finally able to play the action adventure game ' Hessian ' for the C64! Oh yes, a game that has been in development for years with a first preview appearing way back in 2012 is now ready for your gaming enjoyment. In this fine looking title, you play the role of Kim, a night security guard working the night shift at a Throne Group science complex who wakes up in an improvised emergency operating room.When the Group's inventions spiral out of control, she gets the unenviable part of becoming an augmented, misanthropic, heavily armed savoir and ready to kick ass!

This could be the C64 game of the year right here folks, the attention to detail with every room is just mind blowing, from the character sprite, to the object placement and multiple room designs, you can tell the developer has really put the workload in. In fact this game has over 667 screens for you to explore with enemies found throughout that must either be avoided or shot at. But wait there's more, the AI isn't some dumb ass game addition either, but they have specialized AI which will make your job of defending ever more difficult.

But if you want more for your game time, you can use objects in the game, such as in the screen above with the lockers, that can be opened to find even more cool items. Just make sure to look out for extra weaponry, such as the pistol as you cant always rely on your fighting melee skills. Although saying that, if you do kick ass, you can relax for a bit and listen to the sweet tune that plays throughout!

What a game this is, and it will keep you occupied for hours, so download it today, it's FREE!

UPDATE : Genesis Project & Triad have now released the trainered version of Hessian, with some lovely cheats, available below.

Links : 1) Source 2) Download 3) Website 4) Genesis/Triad

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