RPGolf - A hybrid RPG Golf game mix gets an Indiegogo campaign

We've just been informed by Riccardo Castelnuovo and the team at gaming startup ArticNet who are based in Osaka, Japan, of a new game called ' RPGolf ' that is aiming for Indiegogo funding for iOS, Android, PC and Mac. Classed as a hybrid RPG Golf game in an open-world, the developers have taken the boredom of golf and added a unique twist based on the beautiful surroundings you usually see when playing the game in real life.

Think of it as a top down JRPG which looks as if it comes from the SNES, as in this game instead of just smacking a ball about trying to get a hole in one, you'll need to walk to your ball through beautiful locations and defeat monsters along the way. This will free your path and make you stronger, which has an affect on your levelling, damage fighting and increasing the distance at which you can hit your ball. Sound like your sort of game? Good! Because ' RPGolf' most certainly looks as if it has the charm of a classic SNES title, while having a fresh take on the sport that is Golf.

Main Features :

  • 9 (or 18? help ussss!) hole open-world map featuring different environments.
  • Character will grow as more experience is gained. Every stat will influence both golf and RPG aspects of the game.
  • Handicap System: to increase replayability, the HCP of the player will be recorded play after play. Lower HCP levels will unlock areas in the game and give you access to unique quests, features and items!
  • Club house, practice field, shops and many other buildings to explore
  • Clubs “forging” system: grip, head and shaft, combine them in different ways when visiting workshops around the world to create the "ultimate club"!
  • Multiplayer mode

Links : 1) Indiegogo

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