Javascript remake of the Commodore C16, C116 & Plus/4 game ' Ghost Town '

In 1984 in Germany by Kingsoft, and in 1985 in the UK by ANIROG , a C16/Plus 4 game was released with high praise that had you searching for a treasure in a Ghost Town. You also had to kill Belegro, the wizard and avoid many different dangers while also collecting usable items found throughout your journey. That game was of course ' Ghost Town ' designed by Udo Gertz & P. Hartmann, and at the time featured 19 amazing hi-res graphical rooms in a top down view! To coincide with this little history lesson, a developer by the name of @awsm9000 has created a Javascript remake of the game which works in your browser.

The developer has said, that he has always loved creating small games and demos, and for him Ghost Town was one of the earliest games he has owned, played and still remembers. It was and still is a very difficult game as touching something you shouldn't such as a painful bush, ends up with instant death. But saying that even now he still gets goosebumps when he looks at the ugly player character and listens to that annoying title music. So what does a developer do after loving a game so much, remake it of course! And that is exactly what he has done with this pixel perfect rendition of the original, even with a mock TV that features Scanlines!

So if you want to play a remake of a classic, you can do so via his website HERE

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