Sheltered - Post apocalyptic bunker manager is now available on GOG

If you are a huge fan of the fallout series or like spending hours of your time deep in a bunker from the harshness of the above ground wasteland, it might be checking out the latest released game of ' Sheltered ' developed by Unicube, that is now available to buy on GOG. This is an ambitious post apocalyptic bomb shelter simulator, where you have to manage the sanctity of your family in an underground bunker against the ravages of a hostile nuclear wasteland overground environment.

This is a promising looking apoca-sim which combines resource management with turn-based combat in a pretty pixel style, as such you must gather as many supplies as possible for the concrete underground shelter that will soon become your family home for the foreseeable dreary future.

Features :
  • Family comes first: Keep your family alive and protect them from the ravages of the harsh post-apocalyptic world.
  • Make the shelter a home: Maintain your shelter - keep it secure, habitable and make sure that the family have enough resources to survive. Protect your shelter from hazards and infiltration!
  • Customisation: Your family is unique to you; you decide their gender, names and their appearance.
  • RPG mechanics: As your family develop, their stats will adapt with an evolving experience and trauma system. Attributes, strengths and weaknesses will dynamically change based on your choices.
  • Crafting system: Create comforts for your family’s shelter and weapons for combat.
  • Exploration: Send out your family to explore and gather resources for everyday living and crafting.
  • Turn-based combat: For those that cannot be reasoned with, violence can be used as a last resort. Your family may depend on it.
Links : 1) GOG

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