WinUAE 3.3.0 Beta 8 - The latest Amiga-PC emulator beta release for March

Good morning readers it's another Amiga emulation heads up, as Toni Wilen has released the Amiga Emulator for the PC as' WinUAE 3.3.0 beta 8 '. Although this was released over the weekend, a number of bugs did appear from the previous version and thus we decided to wait it out before giving you the heads up. Well it looks ok from this end as after just a few days Toni released a trap fix update and people are now giving positive feedback and as such it's well worth updating after reading the changelog below.

Beta 8:

- Game Ports joystick type was always empty (undefined).
- Quickstart panel CDTV/CD32 CD path name label was "DF1:", not "CD". (Broke when bridgeboard drive support was added)
- Dragndrop to emulation window didn't work correctly until GUI was opened at least once.
- Added screenshot autoclip mode, uses autoscale display size/position detection. Also added following config file only entries: (all config entries need win32. prefix)
- screenshot_min_width and screenshot_min_height: minimum autoclip size in lores pixels.
- screenshot_max_width and screenshot_max_height: maximum autoclip size in lores pixels.
- screenshot_width and screenshot_height: forced screenshot size (non-autoclip mode only)
- screenshot_x and screenshot_y: position/offset of screenshot (non-autoclip mode only)
- screenshot_mult_width and screenshot_mult_height: 1x, 2x, 3x, .. 8x screenshot size multiplier.
- screenshot_output_width_limit and screenshot_output_height_limit: minimum screenshot size, if original size is smaller, multiplier is increased until width/height is same or larger.
- More internal changes to support more than one enabled RTG board at the same time. (Still lots more to do..)
- 68020/030 RTE didn't generate exception when it encountered 68040+ or 68010 only stack frame types.
- Return error code instead of crashing if bsdsocket emulation sendto() tries to use unsupported raw protocol.
- Switching from relative path mode back to normal mode could have caused repeated crashing.
- Do not write reserved block at the end of FileInfoBlock back to Amiga side, Pre-2.x dos commands don't allocate complete FIB structure. (Was side-effect of OS4.x compatible trap system)
- Basic NERO nrg CD image support added. Data and audio tracks seems to work.
- CDFS mounting selects Joliet volume label if found. (Joliet volume label is not restricted to capital ASCII letters)
- uaenet.device S2_READORPHAN should not filter unknown multicast addresses.

Links : 1) Source 2) 32BIT 3) 64BIT

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