Husband Chores - Keep the house clean in this new ZX Spectrum game

After all those C64 games yesterday it's nice to have a new ZX Spectrum game to talk about, and thus here we are with the new simulation, ' Husband Chores ' by Sebastian Mihai, that was completely developed from scratch. In this game you play as your typical husband who has been told by the wife he must keep the house clean by doing all the chores. The problem is, not only do you have to keep the toilets clean, but the trash keeps piling up and thus must be taken out for the dustbin man!

For what is a nice looking game and the potential for long periods of challenging entertainment, is sadly let down by frustration and a time limit that is less than forgiving. Even though the game is easy enough to understand with specific items to clean the house, I found the doors really do hamper my enjoyment of the game. Not only do they close on you stopping you from cleaning the house at the pace you prefer, but you've also got to remember what door goes to what floor. So if you go to the wrong floor, and the door closes behind you, you've got to wait, which isn't helped by that time limit.

Overall I like the developers idea behind the game and the fact he developed it from scratch in Z80 assembly language, but I didn't want to play it much beyond the second time of losing due to my annoyance mentioned above. But again my opinion may differ and you may find it the best game ever!

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