Kaettekita Mario Bros - Mario Bro's FDS gets a full English translation

Something different today for our retro gaming readers, especially if you remember the Family Computer Disk System (Famicom), as MrRichard999 has released the full English translation for 'Kaettekita Mario Bros', which originally was an updated version of the original Mario Bros but one of the few Famicom Disk System games available exclusively from the Famicom Disk Writer and not sold separately. Released in Japan in 1988, and based on the Arcade Mario Bros game, this was an odd remake that was sponsored by Nagatanien, a Japanese food company, which also featured a number of different changes...

Original not translated

According to romhacking, in Kaettekita Mario Bros., Mario and Luigi gained the ability to change direction slightly in mid-air, and the graphics were tweaked to look more like the arcade version. Taking advantage of its disk format, the game lets you register your name and save the top five high scores. Also in regards to gameplay, instead of the other game 'Mario' which appeared on the NES, in this one you play on different single level screens which change as you progress, and must platform bump and touch enemies to clear the level. There is more to this game than just that, so it's well worth watching the video above!

As ever head on over to the main source page to download! ( Link )

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