Pan-Dimensional Conga Combat - Frantic Arcade game by RGCD is now available!

Oh joy of joys, RGCD has recently informed us of the recent release of their rather frantic Arcade arena style shooting game of ' Pan-Dimensional Conga Combat ', which is now available to buy for the PC. From the same team behind those great games such as Aviator Arcade II, Trance Sector Ultimate and R0X EP, comes a game that aims to be a little bit of Gridwars mashed up with a classic Snake. Oh and it has more action and trippy effects that you could possibly handle!

Developed over 18 months'  Pan-Dimensional Conga Combat ' for the PC is just what the doctor prescribed. It has all the old school charm, and in your face action that even the most adrenaline gamer junkies will be happy to play. Featuring a rather note worthy tune, warping backgrounds, score-chasing desperation and a bullet tail that causes damage, this game almost has it all. But don't think it is just your ordinary arena-shooter, as according to RGCD it plays like some alien coin-op from another dimension.

Just wait until you close those enemy portals and charge your deadly mega laser beam, it is serious fire power! But if that is not enough, even with kick ass multiplayer, Conga Combat can be played solo in either arcade or survival mode. Arcade plays like a typical coin-op, with the player starting from the beginning each game, jumping from dimension to dimension by achieving the ever-growing kill-quota on each stage. Alternatively, the 'pure' survival mode sees the player facing an endless horde of increasingly aggressive geometric critters in a single arena for as long as they can.  

As such Pan-Dimensional Conga Combat looks to be a fine game by RGCD, so make sure to buy it on the main website, and give it those big thumbs up via their Steam Greenlight campaign.

Conga Combat features: 
  • Rhythm-synchronized arcade action! 
  • Eye-popping visual effects! 
  • Fast-paced play sessions that are perfect for that coffee-break adrenaline blast! 
  • Two different single-player modes from which you can unlock the game's four dimensions! 
  • Local multiplayer high-score battle mode for up to four players! 
  • Four-track Renoise OST of heavy-weight acid/chip/funk breaks composed by Ilija 'iLKke' Melentijevic! 
  • A playable tutorial to explain those non-obvious alien game mechanics in full! 
  • Xbox 360 controller support (in addition to cursors, z/y and x)!

Further features that will be added to Steam version of the game if successfully Greenlit:
  • Full online scoreboard integration, allowing you to compete against your Steam friends and show off your global ranking :) 
  • Full Steam achievement integration

Links : 1) Source 2) Website 3) Steam Greenlight

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