Stair Quest - Sierra inspirational adventure that was made in just two weeks!

Love playing Adventure games? Check! Love that old Sierra Kings Quest style 80's graphics? Check! Then 'Stair Quest', developed by a small team of Sierra fans for the #AdvJam2016, is just the game for you! Made in just two weeks, Stair Quest star's a brave knight Sir Devon on a quest to find the legendary Orb of Stars, as the realm of Castle's Wood is in despair! Do note however, you're not the only one on this quest, as King Jonathan's own daughter Princess Ingrid is also in search of this relic!

It may not be the biggest Adventure game out at the moment, but who really cares? It features lovely EGA graphics inspired by classic Sierra On-Line adventure games like King's Quest and The Black Cauldron, An innovative text parser that recognizes literally thousands of commands, multiple protagonists such as Sir Devon or the Princess, an original 8bit soundtrack, and what I really like, an old-school instruction manual filled with Stair Quest lore and important tips for success! So authentic, it could have been written by Roberta Williams herself. (It wasn't.)

  • Jess Morrissette (@decafjedi) - Concept
  • Chris Ushko (@chrisushko) - Graphics
  • Kevin Wallace (@wilcoweb) - Graphics
  • Frederik Olsen (@frederik_olsen) - Music
  • P.C. Johnston (@pcjtulsa) - Programming
  • Gareth Millward (@MillieQED) - Writing
  • Troels Pleimert (@SQHistorian) - Writing
Links : 1) Source 2) Download

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