Mistigri - A Bubble Bobble inspired game that's damn good fun!

We haven't done any decent free online playable games for awhile, so lets throw Benjamin Soulé's ' Mistigri ' into the mix, which is inspired by that brilliant arcade game ' Bubble Bobble '. Developed for the PICO-8 but available to play online in your PC browser, Mistigri is a 1 to 2 player arcade game, with 22 levels of ball throwing, enemy picking and fruit grabbing fun!

If you've ever played Bubble Bobble, you'll get a good idea of what the game is like and how to play! But if you haven't, you star as a rather cute skull like character and must destroy all the enemies in each screen to be able to pick up the fruit left behind, which completes the level. This is done by jumping from platform to platform, shooting balls at the different enemies, picking them up when dazed and throwing them about. If you throw an enemy at just the right time and they hit another, chaos ensues and more enemies are taken out - how cool is that?

But there's even more specials to this game other than the lovely pixelated detail, the fantastic retro soundtrack and the addictive gameplay, is the fact that when you find bonuses appearing in the level, they can dramatically change the outcome of the gameplay. For example picking up a bell might give you lots more fruit, or picking up the staff kills all the enemies in one... I could go on and on about Mistigri, but I need to stop writing and get back to playing, It's that addictive!

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