Wizardry Gaiden IV Throb of the Demon's Heart - Impressive SNES Dungeon Crawler gets a FULL English Translation!

The sun might be shining outside but boy do we have some great news for you retro dungeon crawlers, as MrRichard999 and team have released the full English translation of ' Wizardry Gaiden IV: Throb of the Demon's Heart '. This is apparently the last non-translated Wizardry game direct from Japan, released in late 1996 for the SNES, which takes the original medieval setting and turns it into feudal Japan! As far as a Wizardry goes, Wizardry Gaiden IV is probably as creme de la creme of dungeon crawlers on the Super Nintendo as you can get according to Romhacking, as it has steller graphics, styling, and sound, which makes this a highly recommended download!

Let’s talk about Wizardry Gaiden IV. It’s pretty much a folktale in terms of Wizardry; it’s this profoundly large-seeming game on the SNES, possibly beyond the realm of most (if not all) of its competition in the RPG section. To say nothing of that it’s a Wizardry game with big, full floors full of the same neurotic puzzle-solving as, say, near-counterpart Wizardry V on the SNES. It’s all of the joy and love that game spreads, with a few improvements, changes, and overall tunings-up to bring it to more contemporary standards (Dark Savant era classes and spells) while still boasting the charm of later-era SNES, pulling quality out of every drop of the system.

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